School office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 – 4:00. During those hours, the best way to reach school staff is by calling the school phone
number which is (541) 313-2499. Staff members often do not see phone calls or text messages sent to cell phones during school hours because
they are busy teaching. After school hours, the best way to reach staff members is by calling or texting their cell phones. Please use this option
only when necessary.

Chris Miller
Chris MillerPrincipal
Cell: (330) 473-7693
Ron Borntrager
Ron BorntragerHigh School
Cell: (541) 981-3163
Chad Schrock
Chad SchrockMiddle School
Cell: (417) 893-8756
Janelle Krabill
Janelle Krabill3rd & 4th Grade
Cell: (541) 990-7103
Phyllis Hershberger
Phyllis Hershberger1st & 2nd Grade
Cell: (541) 979-2619
Stephanie Miller
Stephanie MillerKindergarten
Cell: (541) 510-3476
Carol Hess
Carol HessMusic
Jennifer Smucker
Jennifer SmuckerScience
Ann Buskirk
Ann BuskirkBreakthrough