Choices, choices, choices…

If you had students enrolled at the end of last year, you should have received a big, fat manila envelope in the mail with everything you need to re-enroll. Drop whatever you’re doing and go find that envelope!


You can re-enroll online. Follow the directions below.

First day of school: Tuesday, September 8

Doors open at 8:10 AM

Classes start at 8:30 AM

Dismissal at 3:00 PM

2) Re-enroll and Update Contact Info

You’ll need your Sycamore login information. You can find this info bying going to your email and searching for “Sycamore.”

    1. Username
    2. Password

If you need any help, please call the office. (541) 313-2499

3) Set up a payment plan

As soon as we receive your re-enrollment application, we’ll email you a payment plan invite from Simple Tuition Solutions. In your STS account you can choose your payment options and make payments.


You can call the office to set up your payment plan and make payments. (541) 313-2499.